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 Sticky:Reminder This is a SETOOL support forum. PLEASE READ

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Sticky:Reminder This is a SETOOL support forum. PLEASE READ Empty
PostSubject: Sticky:Reminder This is a SETOOL support forum. PLEASE READ   Sticky:Reminder This is a SETOOL support forum. PLEASE READ EmptyTue Apr 01, 2008 6:56 am

Just a reminder, this is a support forum. For the past couple of months, there has been way too many thank you post / spammers / etc...

This serves as a warning as well. TEMP / PERM Bans will be in effect starting now.

Please don't post anything irrelevant to the support forum. This is probably one of the fastest and best support forums out there, please keep it that way.

This means,

1. no more SPAM

ie. Davinci does this..., UB does that..., GTI has this...

the_laser knows what the other tools do, if setool is too slow for you, please by all means purchase other tools for your needs, just remember all the times setool has fixed your phones bricked by other tools

2. no more THANK YOU posts

ie. DB2020 unlocking works !.... Thanks for this, thanks for that...

we appreciate your support, but it's cluttering the forum too much, it's getting to a point where users are having problem find solutions to answers... thank you for your loyalty and support, we have a general forum and offtopic for your posts.. soon, if we think it is necessary, we will open a separate forum for people to post their success stories. Now if you fixed a known problem, please by all means post your solution, that will help other users fix their problems

3. if possible, state the problem in your thread instead of ATTN: it will get a faster reply from our support team / moderators

4. For users requiring help, if LOG is required to diagnostic problem and is not posted, you may not get support in a timely fashion, or may not get support at all from team

We are getting too many "Problem with Flashing ......" threads, but no logs inside, we understand you have problems flashing or unlocking or resetting; BUT without logs, how can we help you at all ? Posting in font 100 isn't going to help

Best Regards, and happy unlocking !!!

Best Regard
WinD lol!
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Sticky:Reminder This is a SETOOL support forum. PLEASE READ
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