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 Good News from Cruiser from CodeMaker

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Good News from Cruiser from CodeMaker Empty
PostSubject: Good News from Cruiser from CodeMaker   Good News from Cruiser from CodeMaker EmptyTue Apr 22, 2008 1:08 pm

Hello te gjithve kam deshir se tju ndihmoj me postime dhe kam deshir se te keni nje lajm te ri nga Cruiser Power:CodeMaker

Please note that reading help file and following procedural instructions step-by-step is MOST IMPORTANT for the success at the end. Do not underestimate it. Any kind of improvisation could result in dead phone.

we have released:

D-Client Version 1.61 (11th April 2008):
Upgrade CID49 and CID51 to CID52 for free [DB2020]
Fixed some small bugs.

D-Client Version 1.60 (8th April 2008):
Upgrade CID49 and CID51 to CID52 [DB2020]
Reset phone lock [DB2020]
To get price info just click the "Get Phone info" button (No account needed)
Fixed some small bugs.

D-Client Version 1.50 Beta (5th March 2008):
Added A2 flasher (Exper GUI mode) [K630i,K660i,K850i,K858c,V640i,W760i,W760c,W890i,W910i,W910c,Z750i,Z750a]
Fixed some small bugs.

D-Client Version 1.20 (17th January 2008):
Added Upgrade EROM feature.
Log files are stored in the Log directory.
Fixed Customize bug which was occured in the D-Client v1.15 [is strongly recomennded upgrade this version].
Fixed some small bugs.

Version 13.01 (24th November 2007):
Added an unprotectable solution for unlocking DB2020 red CID52 phones. No server credits are deducted. One has to enable it in the Unlock options of the Server tab in the Settings window. This is actually the method developed by SoftMobile/Griffin team, then stolen and finally released completely for free by laser, the ultimate gsm-idiot.
Updated TAC list for K510i, K530i, K550i, K750c, K770i, W200i, W300i, W580i, W610i, W810i and Z310a. [also in Cruiser]
Updated communication component. [also in Cruiser]

New Flashes files (24th August 2007):
Red CID50:
W810 - (R4EA031, R4EK001)
Red CID52:
K530, K818, T650, W610, W660, W880, W850, Z310, Z610,

You can find it in our Support Area:

For more info please visit our site:

or our forum:

If you want to buy Server Credit or become reseller of our logs, contact us via our main site or one of these:

Power: Twisted Evil CodeMaker Twisted Evil
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Good News from Cruiser from CodeMaker
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